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Replace solid parts of an object with a gas or liquid. Cushion in Advance a. Make use of waste material and energy.

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Characteristics of an object or outside environment, must be altered to provide optimal performance at each stage of an operation. Substitute fields for mechanical means is inventive, use mechanical means only is not, etc.

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Replace an object or system of objects with their optical image. Replace symmetrical form s with asymmetrical form s. Homogeneity Make objects interact with a given object with identical properties two-component adhesive. Replace an expensive object with a cheap one, compromising other properties i.

Strong oxidants Reinforce oxidative processes to enhance a function or process cryotherapy for warts.

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Counterweight Compensate the negative property of the product by combining it with another object that provides a lifting force hovercraft. All rights Reserved In its early stages of development, the TRIZ problem solving process consisted primarily of a contradiction table, derived from the study of breakthrough inventive principles used in the top few percent of the global patent literature where a breakthrough invention had actually occurred.

Mountain Ave. References 1,2,3,4,5,6 The principles were developed during the initial patent research by H.

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It is an innovative way of looking at problems and solutions. Used-up parts of an object should be restored during its work.

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Replace mechanical system Replace a mechanical system with a different shape, action or function folding electric bikes. If an object is immobile, make it mobile. Extract only the necessary part or property from an object.

Replace a normal environment with an inert one. Stationary with mobile. The creative ideas of those not attending the session are not taken into consideration.

We have found that this is a useful exercise for classes in which people are learning the 40 principles for the first time.

Do It in Reverse a. Partial or excessive actions Use a little more than necessary or use a little less of the same product high active enzymes in laundry detergents. Use expansion or contraction of material by changing its temperature. Large multinationals such as Hewlett-PackardBoeing and Samsung have used the TRIZ method to develop new products, optimize processes and gaining a better understanding of developments and trends in the market for decades.

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TRIZ forces us to look at problems differently. An object passes through a cavity in another object.

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If such additives are already used, employ luminescent traces or trace atoms. TRIZ has become an umbrella that covers a host of inventive concepts, tools and processes that are often used to solve difficult problems.

The 40 principles themselves display both symmetry and asymmetry; that is, some of them are reversible Principle 1, segmentation, and Principle 5, merging and some are not Principle 40, Use composite materials.

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