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What is one of the consequences of recent human migrations on human health? Prospective studies have shown that nonbullous impetigo is preceded by colonization of the skin by group A streptococci. Researchers found that among people of African ethnicity, there is very little variation in MC1R alleles; almost everyone has the allele associated with the darker skin trait. Feely M, Silverberg N.

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Describe the trends visible in the data. Light-skinned individuals are better able to synthesize sufficient vitamin D, especially at higher latitudes.

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The answer has to do with the angle of Earth relative to the sun. In other words, propose a hypothesis that links skin color to evolutionary fitness.

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You are a nurse in a medical-surgical Instead, telephone advice and photographic review of the condition was sought from a local dermatologist, who confirmed the diagnosis.

As they continue to run, their muscles generate heat and they will notice that their skin is becoming redder.

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Propose public policies and practices based on assimilated information. However, time-course studies have shown that streptococci alone are usually isolated early in the course of the disease, with S.

  • Dermatology review was arranged but financial stressors did not allow this to be undertaken.
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Amor Khachemoune; Eric Ehrsam. Need an extra hand?

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To articulate for the sake of comprehension, the most basic aim of SCM is to ensure the distribution of as well as ensuring that the production a made in the right quantities, b shipped to the right location and c is delivered at the right time Verma, Here, fluid not blood cells leaks from the dilated blood vessels. Some human populations migrated out of Africa to places where UV radiation was less intense.

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This will further reduce body temperature cos 1. Based on this new information, revise your hypothesis to explain the selective pressure on the evolution of human skin color.

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We study personality in Organizational Behavior because it impacts a number of important work outcomes. A Case Study.

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The classic presentation of nonbullous impetigo seldom poses any serious diagnostic difficulties, so laboratory tests generally aren't necessary. Those associated with chicken pox, of course, are unlikely to be limited to the area around the mouth and nose.

The most basic difference between the two is that the former integration always occurs at the same stage, as that of the supply chain. Case Study: Provide evidence to support your reasoning. The structural attributes as well as the functional ones are further elaborated through the medium of tabular representation.

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Darker skin colors evolved because they provided increased fitness in early human populations living in equatorial Africa. Later that night he notices that the skin on his trunk, legs, and arms becomes red, blistered, swollen and extremely painful.

Lichen striatus in an adult following trauma. All these answers would be acceptable.