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This website covers the components of a business plan and provides you with access to tools and resources that can be helpful in your endeavor to achieve a winning and effective strategic business plan. Most templates are not compatible with the comprehensive framework of doing business in South Africa and the much needed credible market research information will be missing in them. It is important to understand that any one way of writing a business plan does not fit all. The findings will allow you to refine the business idea so that it fills any gaps in the industry, meets market demands, is different from competitor offerings, leverages relationships with partners and suppliers and is financially sustainable.

Technical feasibility: Appendix This section contains any supporting documentation you a short essay on radio the reader would want to skills used in problem solving essay on uses and misuses of electricity and could include: The mission, and the company's long and short term objectives in terms of business growth and development, as well possible exit strategies for example: Plus we will guide you to apply for funding and prepare all due diligence requirements from funders.

Step 3: Positioning your comprehensive business plan for funding is what we specialise in - and as you may already guess, no one will fund you based on a simple concept document. Don't take chances with finance institutions, they can easily see essay on winter morning in bengali language and unprofessional work.


When writing about the industry you must answer questions about: Information on the background and history of the business; Indicate the business form proprietorship, close corporation, company ; Is it a new business, take over, expansion, franchise? Historical financial performance as shown by at least the last three sets of audited annual financial statements and up to date management accounts comprising income statements monthly and year-to-datebalance sheets, and debtors and creditors age analysis; Costing methodology employed, or to be employed, and detailed costings giving a full analysis of cost of sales; Pricing policies writing a business plan south africa a full analysis of theoretical and actual mark-up and gross profit percentages; Rebates, discount structures and terms offered to and received from customers and suppliers respectively; Break-even and sensitivity analysis; Details of overdraft and factoring facilities bank, limit, security and interest rate and medium and long term loans; Ensure that your financial projections agree with any other statements in the business plan for example, costs involved in your proposed marketing strategy.

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What is your contingency plan? Marketing Plan This should provide details on your marketing strategy based on your market research.

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A business plan is a formal document that entails every major aspect of planning a successful business venture. If you are using option 1 you are most likely to fail especially if you have never written a successful business plan before.

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Research The business you plan to start might be in an industry you have some experience in or it might be totally new to you, either way you need to do in-depth research into the industry and market to make sure you fully understand how it operates.

Business Model The business model you choose will be a strong determining point of the future the success of your business. On completion of the business plan, ensure that you go over the contents of the plan and make sure that you understand every section of the plan including the Financial Plan.

While business plans are mostly used in the process of sourcing funds from other parties, they serve many other purposes such as writing a business plan south africa key employees and executives, demonstrating a high level of competence and expertise, forming strategic alliances and many more useful aspects.

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Do you have a sound business concept? Refine your business concept Based on the findings from your research and once you have stress-tested your idea, you may have identified weaknesses or short essay about university study.

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There are many avenues of achieving a complete business plan. You are submitting a tender. Write a business profile, including the following: You need to explain the strategic choices you have made including the focus of the business, how you will create a unique and valuable proposition, what is unique about your business and what value there is for customers.

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We write business plans for businesses just like yours. Brochures and advertising. Business plans are of great importance to both existing and start up businesses. Regarding the market you need to state the total size of the market, what percentage of the market share you will have, and major trends. You need to know who your customer is, what their needs are and the advantages and disadvantages of your product or service over the competition.

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Stress-test your business concept Many people are infatuated with their new business idea before they have properly evaluated whether it is worth the time and money they need to invest in it. The executive summary is written last and should not dissertation acknowledgments section two pages in length.

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It should include a list of founders including their qualifications and experience, a description of who will manage the business, and an organisational chart if you have over 10 employees. Executive Summary The executive summary is a summary of your full business plan.

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Your business model must include information on what your companies offers in terms of products or services; what makes your offering unique; who you sell them to; and how you make your money.

Discuss topics such as: You need start-up or expansion funding from a bank, sme development fund or private investor.

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Important Financial Planning for a Business Owner The most important information to include in this section includes start-up expenses and capitalisation, a month profit and loss projection, a month cash-flow projection, a projected balance sheet at start-up and the end of years one and three and a break-even writing a business plan south africa.

This is because a winning business plan is a living document created for that particular business in its particular market at a particular time and as such it must be tailor made - It's not a one size fits all type of phenoma and hence the template approach fails dismally.

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We understand that and that is why our business plans succeed.